We will be at International Franchise Expo – New York

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“We do have the moral obligation to show the world the excellence we have in Sicily and its culture!”

This is the philosophy that drove us to bring the best traditional Sicilian gelato all over the world. We realize that there are a lot of gelato (and ice cream) franchise chains in the world but we decided to differentiate ourselves from them by delivering not your typical gelato but real Sicilian gelato!

The original Sicilian gelato is not the same as ice-cream, it is a unique product, even different from standard Italian gelato. It is produced daily using only fresh ingredients and results in a creamier and tastier savor, thanks to ancient Sicilian recipes, where ingredient dosage is meticulously calculated and each recipe is meant to be a guilty pleasure as opposed to your normal dining experience.

We are a family of gelato producers, we love Sicily and we want to value our land and culture through spreading the tradition of our ice-cream. We really care about delivering the best quality Sicilian gelato and we therefore decided to manage all aspects of the production chain, so that today Don Peppinu is the only company that controls all the gelato production steps, from the selection of the best ingredients to the production of cones and wafers.

From May 30th to June 1st we will be at the International Franchisee Expo in New York bringing our land’s culture and traditions and of course our traditional Sicilian gelato! At this event we will be looking for a business partner, someone to whom we can entrust our know-how, our recipes and traditions, someone who wants to be part of this wonderful Italian dream in the US and who would be proud to contribute his or her knowledge of locations and capital investment. We hope to see you at booth 1022!

For more information you can contact us at https://www.donpeppinu.it/en/opportunity/

We will get back to you as soon as possible!