Sicilian Granita

Which is one of the most typical product in Sicily? Granita, of course! Combined with a fragrant brioscia and fresh cream: this is the perfect breakfast and the most traditional one here in Sicily.

The recipe is so simple: water, fruit, sugar; with a higher percentage of fruit, we can call it Cremolata (more fruit, more creamy).

Our main tastes of Granita are lemon, almond, pistachio; among our Cremolate you can choose mango, strawberry and fruit passion. Don’t miss Modica Chocolate, winner of the first prize Nivarata 2017, the international festival of Granita Siciliana!

Would you like to try them all?

Try the ‘vertical experience’ choose five flavours and find your favourite taste!

First place at "Nivarata
2017" for Best Chocolate