Sicilian Gelato


The classic flavors from the Sicilian tradition of Don Peppinu, all prepared with more cream and less milk in order to have a more delicious product. We count on our ingredients paying attention to the best excellences of our territory


A good gelato has to be genuine and digestible but never boring. We are in Sicily and here everything has to be a real pleasure! So, for the most demanding people we created a special gelato line particular flavors

No Milk Line

This line includes products without animal derivatives. You can choose among fruit flavors, and some kind of hazelnut and chocolate. This line is dedicated to all that are on a diet or prefer vegan food

Sicilian Brioscia

You will never say to have tried a good gelato if you have never tried it inside the traditional sicilian ‘Brioscia col tuppo’ . As lunch substitute or snack, Brioscia is a fundamental must. Our Brioscia is also perfect together with our granita, where the brioscia is dunk (rigorously with the hands!)


Would you like to try different flavours? Try the experience of our ‘gelato-tasting’.Choose five flavours and we will serve you small degustation following the order we suggest.