Peppe Flamingo - Master of Gelato

I was born in Modica in 1983 and the Flamingo company was 23 years old, a company started by my grandfather Peppino and then my father Saro. After graduating in law in Rome the lure of my land and my traditions was stronger than any other interest. I preferred the gelato lab to the courthouse hall. Today I could not be happier than I am. 

Sicily is a land rich of excellences and tradition: bear in mind citrus fruits, sweet-smelling strawberries, Pistachio Bronte… If you are interested in food excellence, Sicily is the right place. From here comes the best confectionery tradition, cannolo, cassata and gelato. This tradition begins with the Sherbet (‘Sweet Snow’) during the Arabic domination, and continues with Procopio De Coltelli who in Paris invented the gelato cream made with milk and eggs. 

My philosophy, as far as production is concerned, could be explained in three important points
First of all the products employed are all natural. No aroma, no colouring, only genuine taste;
Our products have to be ‘democratic’: suitable for all;
Finally, they have to be ‘funny’: So good and so tasty to provoke you a smile.
Thanks to these principles we obtained several international awards: third place Sherbet 2016, first and second place Nivarata 2017, and the recognition Sherbeth festival for the mention ‘Territory’…of course!

“We do have the moral obligation to show the world
the excellence we have in Sicily and its culture!”

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