Abre con Nosotros

   There are many ways to invest your own money. Certainly, one of the most guaranteed businesses is to invest in the “Italian food” industry, never in crisis and involved in constant worldwide growth. 

But there’s a problem: most of the time, opening a single shop under a strong brand requires huge investments of capital with the high possibility of running into serious complications, such as:

• Strong competition among similar brands with quite identical products and layout;

• Inadequate staff training, mainly based on teaching production and serving methods, but with no knowledge about the company’s products and the philosophy behind them;

• The risk that some franchisees may not respect the franchisor’s guidelines, so damaging your image and business.

Don Peppinu solves all these problems and can definitely be considered the ideal investment for the following three reasons:


The warm layout recalls the typical Italian experience of a journey in Sicily making itself incomparable to any other gelato shop in the world. When you come in to Don Peppinu you are not inside a gelato shop, you are in Sicily!

 The original Sicilian gelato is an unique product, way different from typical ice-cream. It is produced daily only using fresh milk, genuine ingredients, and absolutely no flavourings and colourings. Our gelato also differs from the standard Italian  gelato because of its rich flavour, more creamy and tasty savor, thanks to the ancient Sicilian recipes, where ingredient dosage is meticulously more pronounced and each recipe is meant to appeal to your guilty pleasures as opposed to your normal experience with ice-cream. 


60 years of gelato masters’ recipes and “secrets” could not be explained in few days, that is why we have established “Don Peppinu Academy”, a real university of Gelato with the purpose of training our staff, who will be considered as Don Peppinu’s “grandchildren” before becoming excellent gelato masters.


We own ten gelato parlours in Italy and one in Hollywood (FL), however we do not forget our origins and where we come from. We come from Sicily and we are not interested in becoming a large gelato chain based on thousands of affiliates with principles far from ours.

Rather, we are looking for a business partner, only one; someone we can entrust our know-how, our recipes and traditions, someone who wants to be part of this wonderful Italian dream in the US, and who would be excited to contribute with his or her knowledge of locations and capital investment.

If you want to be the protagonist of what could likely become the best Sicilian gelato chain in the USA please complete our form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment!