From Sicilian Fields to Our Shops

DonLab is the laboratory where we work the best fresh row materials that will be send to our shops. There, our gelato masters prepare our gelato with fresh local milk and cream that guarantee a final product of high quality. A so high- quality standard is allowed by a constant work of research, selection and test of new products that never stops

The most ancient cone factory in Sicily

The DonLab includes also the cone factory. Thanks to these machineries of the factory, Don Peppino Flamingo invented, in 1960, the famous ‘cono Flamingo’ that is the cone par excellence in Sicily and that we use in our shops. In this area we produce brioches, biscuits, sponge cake, almond biscuits and all those products that you can find in our parlour.

The First Gelato Academy

The DonLab represents also a ‘training ground’ of the Don Peppinu Academy, our private academy where the aspiring Gelato Masters receive an exclusive training with the aim to become our Gelato Masters.