Original Sicilian Gelato

Sicilian Gelato or Ice Cream?

The original Sicilian gelato is a unique product, different from ice-cream. It is produced daily only using fresh milk, genuine ingredients, and absolutely no flavourings and colourings.

Our gelato also differs from the standard Italian gelato thanks to its rich flavour, more creamy and tasty savor based on the ancient Sicilian recipes, where ingredients dosage is meticulously more pronounced and each recipe is meant to give guilty pleasure more than feeding.

The Original Sicilian Gelato

Really this way! Gelato was born and continues its tradition in Sicily thanks to the several Masters of Gelato, as also Don Peppinu, which preserved the strong philosophy of respecting ancient recipes and fresh selected ingredients.

Recipes that come out also from the slow living lifestyle of Sicilian people; In Sicily if any food has not a strong and exciting taste we don’t want it. And so it is Don Peppinu Gelato creamy and tasty. Yes, it’s true, it’s more expensive to produce a Gelato like this, but we are good Masters of Gelato more than businessmen!

Awarded Gelateria

We have been producing Gelato since 1960, when Don Peppinu as a true pioneer made the most ancient cone factory in Sicily. The union beetween our story and our land makes our gelato so special to be rewarded by different international events and competitions:

  • 1° place Best Chocolate Granita - Nivarata
  • 2° place Best Almond Gelato - Nivarata
  • 1° place Best "Local" Gelato - Sherbeth
  • 3° place Best Gelato 'Liccumìa - Sherbeth
  • Record 20.000 Granita sold at Expo Milano

Our Quality

Don Peppinu refuses any kind of industrial product, and chooses only products of excellence. This is possible thanks to all those products that our land offers us: high quality fruit, milk from free-range cows, and very importante for us is the fact that we steadily carry out a careful work of research and development. Our lab allows us to cover each passage of the chain from producer to consumer.

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